Help children develop a healthy sense of self and positive social-emotional skills.

(While your classroom runs smoothly and you stress a little less.)

Do you want to teach in a HAPPY learning environment?

Do you want students who are respectful and take responsibility?

Do you want students who include others and show kindness?

What if you had an easy-to-follow plan?

Teaching social-emotional skills doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

What you need is a plan. A resource at your finger tips that will give you and your students the tools you need to develop character and social skills. The tools that will build that happy classroom and take the stress out of your day.

With mind+heart SEL curriculum, you'll...

  • Meet the ever-changing needs of your students head on
  • Empower learners to be responsible, respectful, and in control
  • STOP the daily struggles & WATCH a peaceful classroom materialize
  • Teach children the RIGHT WORDS to express themselves & solve problems

mind+heart is available NOW for a discount

  • community building activities
  • discussion starter cards 
  • easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • anchor chart materials
  • book lists and writing activities
  • classroom posters
  • role playing scenario cards
  • engaging activities and games
  • photos of resources in action
  • and MORE!

The mind+heart K-2 curriculum includes 8 units...

In each unit, you'll receive...

Detailed Lesson Plans

Discussion Starter cards 

Classroom Posters

Mentor Text Book List

Role Play Scenario Cards

Writing Activities

Anchor Charts

Interactive Activities

Concept Materials 


Sorting Activities


The mind+heart 3-5 curriculum includes 8 units...

In each unit, you'll receive...

Detailed Lesson Plans

Discussion Starters & Challenges

Classroom Posters

Mentor Text Book List

Role Play Scenario Cards

Writing Activities

Anchor Charts

Interactive Activities

Reflection Journal


Learning Tools

Bulletin Boards

Teacher Feedback

"I cannot even begin to explain how relieved I am to have found this resource. I have used recommended published SEL curriculums such as Second Step and they have not even begun to address the needs of my students. (I am a general ed, first grade teacher, in a diverse title 1 school with a high population of ELLs... the needs of my students go beyond the average- ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, autism, etc.). I started off with "Self-Regulation" and it was perfect! Thank you so much! I bought this with my own money, without my principal's consent, but once I started using it, and showed her how my students were using the language, vocabulary, and responding to the curriculum, she reimbursed me! Thank you so much. I am recommending it to all my fellow teachers and I hope they purchase it as well!"

-Lindsey G.

"Great product!! I really needed this resource to help guide some very important learning on emotions and social skills. I like that I can pick parts as they are needed or follow it in order. I don't have a ton of time for this in the classroom, so I use what I need and enjoy that I can keep growing it each year, getting new books and ideas as I go. Thank you for filling a much needed hole I had in my classroom that was hard to fill without resources!"

-Michelle S.

"I LOVE this product! I was hired as an SEL teacher and had very little to go on. These lessons were extremely helpful! I was able to put my own spin on them, and my students really started to grow! I also love that it aligns with the CASEL! ."

-Kristan J.

"This product is phenomenal. I just started using it with my second grade classroom and even my tier 2-3 students are responding well to it. I have used this resource for both whole group and small groups. I absolutely love this product. It's worth every penny and is so well organized, friendly for many grade levels, and is practical to our students and any classroom environment."

-Coralie H.

"I don't think I have ever spent this much on a TPT product, and believe me, I am a regular here. Saying that, this product is worth. every. penny. This product is not only AMAZING, but it works! It's user friendly (no 30 page Lucy Calkins style lessons here), it ties into INCREDIBLE literature AND the lessons are spot-on! I have never had such success in my SEL lessons. THANK YOU!!!!"

-Sarah J.

"I teach a 3rd-5th grade EDP class, and this bundle has been easy to use and very comprehensive in regards to covering all areas relative to social skills used with this age group. My kids are engaged in these lessons, which is not always easy plus there is little planning to do on my part as the lessons are already planned out. This product is wonderful!"

-Leanne D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a special education teacher, will this resource work for me? 

YES! This curriculum can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any type of classroom. Whether you're a school counsellor, special education teacher, or homeschooler, or school teacher, this resource has what you need!

Do I need to teach everything in a certain order?

No way! You can pick and choose what you use based on your individual needs and classroom schedule. I recommend starting with the Emotions and Self-Regulations unit first to build strong emotional skills that will guide lessons in future units on social development.

I have the HARDEST class this year, is there any chance this will help us? 

I 100% believe that is curriculum can and will help YOU or any other teacher that is struggling to manage a difficult class. But it won't happen if you don't make the time to teach the lessons and use the activities. Nothing great can happen without putting in the work. If you show the effort, your students will too!

I don't have much time in my schedule to teach these types of lessons. What do you suggest? 

Make time for social-emotional lessons as much as you can. Whether it's a short block of time each day, during your morning meeting, or afteroon circle, these lessons will make an impact on the children you teach. All it takes is 30 minutes a few times a week!

Teach them early on and often throughout the year - during classroom meetings or combine with your writing block . The versatile activities can be used whenever you have time - after a lesson, as morning work, or as centers. Get creative!

About the Creator

Elyse is a Canadian educator with 10 years classroom teaching experience and 7 years as a curriculum developer and teacher-author.

She understands what children need and has seen what works in the classroom. Having been there and done that, she truly understands what teachers wish for in the resources they use. Quality, comprehensive, engaging resources!

Elyse is the founder of Proud the Primary, a popular blog for primary educators, and the author of hundreds of engaging resources for primary teachers. You can find all of her creations in her store on Teachers Pay Teachers. 


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