Mindful Math Curriculum for Kindergarten, First Grade, & Second Grade

Help children develop a love for math and important skills for the future

(While your math block runs smoothly and you see real results)

Do you want a comprehensive math program that is easy to use?

Do you want thoughtful lessons that grab and keep your student's attention as you teach?

Do you want engaging activities that keep kids actively involved in their learning in hands-on ways?

Do you want quality materials that are easily differentiated for a variety of needs in the classroom?

What if you had a resource that did the planning for you?

Teaching math doesn't have to be a struggle. In fact, it can be enjoyable to teach and fun for everyone.

What you need is a plan. A resource at your finger tips that will give you and your students the tools you need to build fluency and develop strong math skills. The tools that will have kids begging for more and help grow a love for math that is unbreakable!

I've done my best to create a solution and Mindful Math is it!

With the Mindful Math curriculum, you'll...

  • Engage minds and leave kids knowledgeable and fluent in math concepts
  • Teach standards-based lessons that empower kids to learn in hands-on ways
  • STOP the bored, confused looks and instead WATCH the smiles as kids finally get it 
  • Teach thoughtful lessons and use activities to help meet the needs of learners 
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The Mindful Math Curriculum is available NOW

  • 10 math units in each bundle
  • 100+ jam-packed lesson plans 
  • ALL lesson materials provided
  • posters to introduce concepts
  • engaging centers and games
  • mentor texts for every unit
  • worksheets for each lesson
  • quick assessments
  • TONS of extras (journals, warm-ups, mental math)
  • and MORE!
1st grade mindful math curriculum bundle

In each Mindful Math unit, you'll receive...

Detailed Lesson Plans

Lesson Materials

Concept Posters

Mentor Text Book List

mindful math lesson materials

Interactive Math Journals

Warm-Up Task Cards

Mental Math Flash Cards

Printable Worksheets

Math Centers

Math Games

Math Activities


See the Mindful Math Curriculum in Action

What Teachers Are Saying About Mindful Math

"This is the best MATH curriculum I have ever used in the classroom! I have been using this product since October and have seen my students grow and expand their mathematical thinking beyond expectation. There are more than enough activities per unit, and plenty of ways for students to practice each new skills. I love the combination of worksheets, journals and games (and so does my class)! As a teacher each lesson is easy to implement, and every activity has a clear purpose! We all look forward to MATH each day :)"

-Stephanie R.

"This is by far the best math resource I've ever used in grade 1. I absolutely love it and everything it includes. It incorporates everything I was trying to do in one neat bundle and aligns it much better than I was doing. The task cards and journal prompts are fabulous! I rave about this to every grade 1 teacher I meet."


"I am so in love with this math curriculum! It's the best one I've had in 26 years of teaching!! Thank you so much!!"

-Mistey B.

"This product is AMAZING! I have a very old math curriculum at my school, so instead of supplementing pretty much everything, I use these units. It has EVERYTHING you need, the lesson plans, center activities, task cards, hands on activities, and tons of worksheets to choose from. Math is definitely not an area of teaching strength, however, I think I am improving the different ways I teach math, through using this curriculum. I can already tell a difference in my students progress in math from last year to this group's. When I take my maternity leave later this year, it will be one less thing I have to worry about! Thank you, THANK YOU!"

-Kristina H.

"Great for my students, and great for me. Easy to follow with detailed lesson plans that allow me to be flexible and have fun with math!"

-Megan D.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mindful Math

Will this program cover all of the Common Core standards? 

Yes! Mindful Math covers all of the Common Core standards for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade within their 10 unit bundle. There will be lessons and activities to teach and practice each standard.  

While each standard will be covered, they may not provide enough practice for the particular needs of your class or students. You may choose to supplement as needed.

Does Mindful Math cover Canadian curriculum?

In creating Mindful Math, the new BIG Ideas curriculum in British Columbia and the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum was researched. Mindful Math provides lessons and materials to meet these curriculum expectations.

There may be some need for supplementation in grade two as some standards are different than the common core.

How do you differentiate with Mindful Math?

Mindful Math includes many opportunities and options for differentiation. Lessons encourage students to show their understanding in different ways and practice math concepts with or without supports.  

Many practice pages are provided with different levels of difficulty. Students could complete all or a few of the pages.  

Activities, games, and centers can be done in small groups to provide more support, independently for our more advanced learners, or in partners.  

Not every part of every lesson needs to be completed by each student. Certain activities could become "extra" challenges for certain students, or sent home as extra practice for others.

Do I have to use everything included? Can I teach certain lessons and not others?

You do not have to use everything included to have great results with Mindful Math. Use the components and lessons that work for you and your needs. Plenty of choices and options are available if you have limited time or are only looking for a few things.

I am starting Mindful Math mid-way through the year. Where do I begin? Is it too late to start?

Begin with the first unit that you need. If you have already taught certain math topics to your class, skip those units and teach others.  

It is NEVER too late to start teaching Mindful Math! Each unit is organized and presented in such a way to make starting at any point in the school year a breeze.

About the Creator of Mindful Math

Elyse is a Canadian educator with 10 years classroom teaching experience and 4 years as a teacher-author. 

She understands what children need and has seen what works in the classroom. Having been there and done that, she truly understands what teachers wish for in the resources they use. Quality, comprehensive, engaging resources!

Elyse is the founder of Proud the Primary, a popular blog for primary educators, and the author of hundreds of engaging resources for primary teachers. You can find all of her creations in her store on Teachers Pay Teachers

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