A DIGITAL Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Busy K-5 Teachers

Help children thrive as they develop healthy social-emotional skills in short amounts of time each day.

(While engaging ready-to-teach lessons and fun digital activities.)

Do you want to teach in a kind, positive, and more productive learning environment, no matter the teaching format?

What if you had an effective, easy-to-follow plan?

Teaching social-emotional skills doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

What you need is an effective curriculum that works online and in the classroom. A resource at your fingertips that will give you and your students the tools you need to develop strong social and emotional skills.

The tools that will help you make a positive impact and take the stress out of your day.

With the DIGITAL mind+heart Social-Emotional Learning curriculum by Proud to be Primary, you'll...

  • Meet the ever-changing needs of your class and students head-on
  • Provide valuable practice working with digital tools online
  • Empower learners to develop important social and emotional skills
  • Create meaningful learning opportunities, no matter the teaching platform
  • Teach children the RIGHT WORDS to express themselves & solve problems

mind+heart is available NOW in digital format for K-2 and 3-5 at a special discount!

  • community building ideas
  • discussion starter cards 
  • easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • digital anchor charts
  • tons of videos
  • posters
  • role-playing scenario cards
  • interactive activities and games
  • virtual read aloud and writing
  • and MORE!

Teachers love DIGITAL mind+heart

This resource is so comprehensive! I love the variety of activities included. It truly helps to create a backbone for my morning meetings and SEL instruction.

~ Deborah D.

WOW! This has been such an amazing resource to use with my K-3 special education students during our virtual learning time together. They absolutely LOVE the activities, the videos, read alouds- all of it! This has been so helpful to organize my social skills instruction, while also allowing me to differentiate to meet my students' individual needs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

~ Sparkling in Special Ed

I used this resource on my online learning platform. Parents and students loved these activities! It was especially helpful for parents who knew their children needed some additional social-emotional learning, but were unsure how to approach it. I incorporated it into my literacy activities as there was usually a paired reading, writing, or listening activity.

~ Kelsey S.

My sons love doing these activities on the iPad and I love not having to print and prepare activities to only use them one time. This has been a great homeschool resource! Thanks for this digital version. The content, ideas, and organization of the units make this very easy to use and it covers skills that my children need.

~ Tonya W.

This is a great digital resource that can be used in either the classroom or for online learning. Easy to follow and my students loved it.

~ Whitney R.

The DIGITAL SEL K-2 curriculum includes 8 units

In the digital units, you receive...

Detailed Lesson Plans

Discussion Starters

Lesson Posters

Video Book List

Digital Anchor Charts

Interactive Activities

Journals & Storybooks

Stories & Poems

Sorting Activities

Role Playing Scenarios


Read Aloud Writing

See the DIGITAL SEL K-2 Curriculum in Action


The mind+heart 3-5 curriculum includes 8 units...

In the digital units, you receive...

Detailed Lesson Plans

Starters & Challenges

Lesson Posters

Video Book List

Digital Anchor Charts

Interactive Activities

Reflection Journals

Concept Videos

Sorting Activities

Role Play Scenarios


Projects & Writing

See the mind+heart SEL 3-5 Curriculum in Action


Meet the Creator, Elyse.

The founder and CEO of Proud to be Primary, Elyse dedicates herself to providing educators with inspirational ideas and comprehensive resources that make teaching enjoyable.

Elyse takes her seventeen combined years of teaching experience in the classroom and as a curriculum developer to support teachers who want to teach at their best and make learning fun and effective for kids.

Trust Elyse as she walks you through her tried and true strategies for making a positive impact in the classroom and supports you to take action in the best ways possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a special education teacher, will this resource work for me? 

YES! This curriculum can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any type of classroom or home learning setting.

Whether you're a school counselor, special education teacher, homeschooler, or school teacher, this resource has what you need! It can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

I am STRUGGLING to teach my class social and emotional skills this year remotely, is there any chance this will help? 

I 100% believe that is curriculum can and will help YOU or any other teacher that is struggling to find ways to teach SEL through distance learning. This program also works great for a hybrid or in-person teaching environment.

Schedule 15-30 minute time blocks for daily social-emotional learning. Then, teach the lessons and assign the activities throughout the week.

I want to use this in person. Do you have a printable version, as well as a digital one? 

Yes, mind+heart comes as a printable and digital curriculum as well.

If you are wanting the benefits of the digital activities, while still having tools to print and use, I recommend the combo resources that have both (link below).

Do I need to teach everything in a certain order?

No way! You can pick and choose what you use based on your individual needs and classroom schedule. I recommend starting with the Emotions and Self-Regulations unit first to build strong emotional skills that will guide lessons in future units on social development. But you know your students best, so select lessons that you think they need right now!

I don't have much time in my schedule to teach these types of lessons. What do you suggest? 

Make time for social-emotional lessons as much as you can. Whether it's a short block of time each day, during your morning meeting or specific SEL block, these lessons will make an impact on the children you teach. All it takes is 15-30 minutes a few times a week!

Teach them early on and often throughout the year - during classroom meetings or combine with your writing block. The versatile activities can be used whenever you have time - after a lesson, as morning work, or as centers. Get creative!

I use SEESAW to teach my students online. Are these lessons ready for me to use on that platform? 

The K-2 curriculum includes pre-loaded Seesaw activities, as well as Google Slides and PowerPoint versions. The 3-5 version does not include Seesaw.

The lessons are ready for you to teach virtually or to your class in person, with lessons you can assign for students to complete independently, in groups, or complete as a whole class.

Imagine what would be possible if you had an entire year's worth of SEL lessons and activities planned and ready for you.

With the mind+heart Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, you have everything you need to confidently create the classroom community you've always wanted.

If you are looking for digital and printable lessons and activities, check out the BRAND NEW COMBO bundles for less!



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