There are so many seasonal themes that make learning fun. Holiday lessons and seasonal ideas can be used leading up to a favorite holiday or to help teach about the four seasons of the year. Seasonal arts and crafts projects or writing prompts can be displayed on the bulletin board, doubling up as learning for kids and holiday decorations for the classroom. Here at Proud to Be Primary, the ideas are endless!

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Hi, I’m Elyse

There is nothing I love more than making a difference in children’s lives.

Helping teachers is my passion and I love to shape little minds and hearts. You can learn more about me here, or follow the links below to start diving into all that I have to offer:

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Help kids flourish and grow socially and emotionally.

The Mindful Hearts Classroom is an exclusive social-emotional learning program for primary teachers. MHC teaches and supports educators as they integrate SEL into the classroom, through valuable ideas, useful lessons, practical strategies, and supportive community. It guides educators to make the most impact while taking away the stress and overwhelm that managing a classroom can bring. Children are empowered to act in positive ways and apply social-emotional skills through student-centered approaches.